McKay Brothers launches Illinois-Busan and Tokyo-Busan bandwidth at lowest known latency

McKay Brothers launches Illinois-Busan and Tokyo-Busan bandwidth at lowest known latency

July 13, 2020 / Geneva and Tokyo / McKay Brothers International (MBI) announced expansion of its lowest known latency private bandwidth services to Busan. The company launched hybrid microwave/fiber private bandwidth services between Illinois and Busan as well as between Tokyo and Busan. Both services are offered at the lowest known latency.

Tad Beckelman, McKay’s Director of Asia: “Korean financial markets have always been supported by strong group of local traders. The more recent growth in interest from international firms has only added to its importance as a global financial marketplace. Access to the lowest latency telecom is critical for market participants.”

Francois Tyc, MBI Managing Director: “A founding principle of our company is that any firm can subscribe to McKay’s best latency. We are pleased to offer any firm trading Korean markets the lowest latency telecom.”

McKay has consistently expanded the global reach of its low latency services. The company’s first hybrid wireless/fiber network in Asia – between Tokyo and Singapore – opened in 2016. The company has since expanded to offer connectivity to Hong Kong and Shanghai. MBI’s lowest latency services in Asia are offered to every subscriber via its Josada Telecommunications subsidiary.

About McKay Brothers International SA

McKay Brothers International SA is the leading provider of microwave-based connectivity and services for firms trading global financial markets. The company operates long-haul microwave and hybrid microwave/fiber networks in Asia and Europe and distributes select market data sourced from major exchange groups in Europe, Asia and North America.

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