September 27, 2018

Trading Show New York 2018

Stephane Tyc presented an updated version of, “Private vs Public Feeds The Role Of Transport” at The Trading Show New York September 26th, 2018. The slides from his presentation are available here.   The video from the presentation will be available in the next few weeks. If you would like to be notified when the video is available contact us at
May 9, 2018

Trading Show Chicago May 2018

Stephane Tyc presented, “Private vs Public Feeds The Role Of Transport” at The Trading Show Chicago May 9-10, 2018. The slides from his presentation are available here.  
November 30, 2017

Trading Infrastructure – The Trend Towards Outsourcing

Trading Infrastructure – The Trend Toward Outsourcing 29 November 2017: When it comes to technology solutions for trading infrastructure, the build-versus-buy debate is one that never seems to go away. In the past, it was fairly common practice for banks and electronic trading firms to want to build and to run everything themselves. But more recently, there seems to be a definite trend away from that philosophy and toward buying, or even outsourcing, critical infrastructure. […]
May 17, 2017

The Trading Show Chicago May 2017

Stephane Tyc presented, “The Race Season 5 Whats In The Air” at The Trading Show Chicago May 17-18, 2017. The video from his presentation is available below.      
August 4, 2016

Stephane Tyc featured in the Harrington Starr’s The Financial Technologist – Q3 2016

Read the interview by Stephane Tyc, Mckay-Brothers and Quincy Data Co-Founder, in the Fintech Focus section of Harrigton Starr’s Financial Technologist. Read the full edition here
June 1, 2016

Exchanges vs Networks: The Intensifying Competition Between Determinism and Speed

Stephane Tyc presented at The Terrapinn Trading Show Chicago on  May 18, 2016 discussing Exchanges vs Networks. The slides from his presentation are available to download.  
May 10, 2016

Lower Latency And Lower Cost: Having Your Cake and Eating It Too

An excerpt from The Harrington Starr’s, The Financial Technologist Q2 Edition – Blockchain Special: Lower Latency and Lower cost: Having your Cake and Eating it too Written by Stephane Tyc For years now we have heard about how banks are under increasing pressure to cut costs. In the post-crisis era, a large proportion of spending has had to be earmarked for upgrading systems to meet regulatory requirements. With the latest annual cost of compliance survey […]
October 13, 2015

Observing News Propagation

Observing News Propagation written by: Stéphane Tyc and Imad-Eddine Srairi   Abstract Large and sudden changes in prices in broad market indices reflect the release of macro news. The detailed observation of the times of these moves can provide lower bounds for the time of transmission of information between data centres. We have studied one macro events and provide our findings. The propagation of news on land in the United States is well explained by […]
November 5, 2013

McKay in the News

Latency on McKay Brothers IL-NJ Colo Route Approaches Speed of Light Wall Street & Technology Aviat Networks Deploys Eclipse Adaptive Intelligent Repeater for Low Latency Networks Market Watch McKay Brothers Plan Additional Microwave Links ‘Democratizing’ Low Latency Markets Media Raging Bulls: How Wall Street Got Addicted to Light-Speed Trading Wired The Microsecond Market IEEE Spectrum Wall Street gains an edge by trading over microwaves GigaOM Aviat Networks’ Ultra Low-Latency Microwave Accelerates High-Frequency Trading Aviat Networks Press Release Wireless Startup Says It Will […]
November 3, 2013

Interesting Reports

Adding Transparency to the Microwave Decision Caroline Hornby The $300m cable that will save traders milliseconds The Telegraph On Your Mark, Get Set… The Wall Street Journal TABB Says Long-Distance, Low-Latency Networking Increasingly Critical To Trading TABB Group, by kevinonthestreet