July 2, 2021

Mike Schonberg Global STAC Live-May 2021-Moving Beyond the False Dichotomy of FPGA Solutions

Mike Schonberg, Director Market Data Technology,  presented at the Global STAC Live, Spring 2021. The video is available through the STAC website. Eligible firms can join at any time, If your firm is a member: login (or register) and watch the video here. https://stacresearch.com/mckaysp21 If you have any questions please contact us at Contact@Mckay-Brothers.com
August 28, 2020

McKay Brothers – Third Comment Letter (2020.08.28) File Nos. SR-NYSE-2020-05

McKay Brothers – Third Comment Letter (2020.08.28) Re:Notice of Filing of Partial Amendment No.1 to Proposed Rule Change to Establish a Wireless Fee Schedule Setting Forth Available Wireless Bandwidth Connections and Associated Fees (File Nos. SR-NYSE-2020-05, SR-NYSEAMER-2020-05, SR-NYSEArca-2020-08, SR-NYSECHX-2020-02, SR-NYSENAT-2020-03); and Notice of Filing of Partial Amendment No. 1 to Proposed Rule Change to Amend the Schedule of Wireless Connectivity Fees and Charges to Add Wireless Connectivity Services (SR-NYSE-2020-11, SR-NYSEAMER-2020-10, SR-NYSEArca-2020-15, SR-NYSECHX-2020-05, SR-NYSENAT-2020-08)
May 8, 2019

Trading Show Chicago 2019

Stephane Tyc presented, “Global Perspective on Low Latency” at The Trading Show Chicago May 8-9, 2019. The video from the presentation is available here. If you would like to download the slide separately they are available here.    
September 5, 2017

For trading infrastructure, the buy-build question increasingly favours buy

In this article, Mike O’Hara and Adam Cox of The Realization Group look at the trend of financial firms – on both the sell side and the buy side – outsourcing their trading infrastructure to specialist providers at co-located data centres. The prospect of outsourcing such a vital part of a trading firm’s operations has enormous implications, from cost to performance to business models. Mike and Adam hear from Stéphane Tyč, Co-founder of McKay Brothers, Ken Barnes, […]
February 15, 2017

McKay Brothers Distributes Osaka Securities Exchange Data in Singapore at Lowest Known Latency

February 16, 2017 / Tokyo and Singapore / McKay Brothers International (MBI) is now distributing Osaka Securities Exchange market data on its Quincy Extreme Data (QED) service. Select OSE futures are distributed at the SGX data center in Singapore in less than 31.5 milliseconds one-way, the lowest known latency. Private bandwidth at the lowest known latency between the SGX and @Tokyo (CC2) data centers is also available from MBI. “The QED service levels the playing […]