About Us

Our Mission:

Level the Playing Field

We are driven by the belief that financial markets work best when many diverse firms are engaged. Access to low latency telecom is critical infrastructure for these firms. McKay Brothers was at the forefront of the evolution of low latency telecom from fiber to microwave, which resulted in a dramatic increase in speed. McKay Brothers is solely a telecom service provider. We do not trade for our own account. We offer equal access to all subscribers for each of our services.

The core of our mission is to level the playing field by providing access to the fastest telecom to the financial markets. McKay Brothers has a history and continued commitment to innovation and technical excellence. McKay is the acknowledged leader in providing extreme low latency microwave private bandwidth for firms trading in financial markets. McKay's wireless services are 40% faster than fiber and frequently the lowest known latency.

Our Story:

Co-founders Bob Meade and Stéphane Tyč met as physics PhD candidates. Both enjoyed fruitful careers in fundamental research related to microwave engineering. Each later entered the financial services industry in roles directly related to electronic trading. Bob and Stéphane returned to their microwave roots when they bootstrapped McKay Brothers as an independent company committed to providing equal access for all subscribers. Together they committed to build a service they always wanted to buy.

You can learn more about the history and mission of McKay Brothers in this profile of the company and our co-founders in the FinTech Founders 50

Our Team:

Bob Meade


Bob earned a PhD in Theoretical Physics from Harvard University. He continued fundamental research at MIT on the propagation of microwaves and earned multiple patents.

Bob then began a 15-year career in derivatives research and trading. He first joined JPMorgan’s derivative research group and later Robertson Stephens' derivatives trading group. His responsibilities included development of arbitrage strategies and models, arbitrage trading and risk management. From 2004 to 2010, Bob ran a high frequency trading group at Ronin Capital. He led all facets of trading system development, including software, system architecture and QA. He never had a negative P&L day due to software defect or operational issue.

Stéphane Tyč


Stéphane received a PhD in Physics from Harvard University.  He continued his fundamental research at Thales Group. He earned multiple patents on power transistors for microwave radios and superconducting logic devices.

Stephane enjoyed a 17-year career at BNP Paribas. He directed Equity Derivative Quantitative R&D, Global Business Management, and Post Trade Services.  His responsibilities included low latency arbitrage research, high performance computing, and market risk. He also served on the DTCC Warehouse Trust Company Board of Directors for two years.

François Tyč

Managing Director, McKay Brothers International SA

François received a PhD in Neurobiology from Marseille University in collaboration with UCL, London. He pursued fundamental research and teaching during a 15-year academic career in France. His research on plasticity of neural networks is published in a series of papers in international scientific journals.

Jim Considine


Jim earned an MBA in Finance with honors from Columbia Business School. He received a BS in Computer Science at Boston College. Jim joined JPMorgan in a systems development role. He was quickly promoted to the block trading desk before joining JPM’s derivatives trading group. He rose to co-head of JP Morgan’s listed and structured equity options trading. Jim moved to Robertson Stephens where he managed the Equity Financial Products division. He earned a seat on Robertson’s investment bank management committee.

Beginning in 2003, Jim built an advisory business for investors, corporations, banks and funds. His practice focused on capital markets, trading, and risk management issues.