Long Haul Networks


Low Latency Private Bandwidth and Global Reach

McKay Brothers is the acknowledged leader in providing low latency wireless networks for firms trading in financial markets.

Designing, building and operating long haul wireless networks requires unique engineering skills and precise execution. As the pioneer in delivering ultra-low latency solutions to firms trading in financial markets, McKay Brothers is the industry standard. Our global footprint spans across the US, Europe, and Asia. We offer hybrid Transpacific and Transatlantic bandwidth services. We have consistently lowered network latency by straightening network paths and optimizing technology, all while enhancing reliability. The majority of our routes offer the lowest latency known.

Please contact us so that we can discuss the McKay service that best suits your firm’s needs.

Connectivity Map

McKay Brothers Long Haul and Metro Connectivity Map

North America Long Haul:
McKay Brothers US Illinois - New Jersey Network
  • 10 Mbps microwave service
  • Lowest known latency
  • Point-to-multipoint private bandwidth
  • Multiple transmit and receive sites
  • 7 US Co-Location centers
  • Optional premium listen at TMX
Additional North America point-to-point
5 Mbps Microwave Bandwidth
  • Lowest known latency
  • Aurora (CME) > Toronto (TMX)
North America Data Centers
  • Aurora
  • Ashburn
  • Cermak
  • Mahwah
  • Carteret - NY11
  • Secaucus - NY2
  • Secaucus - NY4
  • Secaucus - NY5
  • Toronto
European Long Haul:
McKay Brothers European Long Haul Network
  • 10 Mbps microwave service
  • Lowest known latency
  • Key route: London - Frankfurt
  • Key route: London - Milan/Zurich
  • Key route: London-Stockholm
  • Point-to-multipoint private bandwidth
  • 9 European Co-Location centers
  • Optional premium listen in Madrid (BME)
European Data Centers
  • Slough - LD4
  • Basildon
  • Telehouse North 2
  • Interxion
  • Madrid - BME
  • Zurich - ZH4
  • Milan - Aruba
  • Milan - BT
  • Frankfurt - FR2
  • Dublin - DUB2
  • Stockholm - STO01
Asia Long Haul:
McKay Brothers Asia Network
  • Point-to-point private bandwidth
  • Multiple transmit and receive sites: Tokyo (CC2), Singapore (SGX), Hong Kong (HKex), Shanghai (SHFE)
Asia Data Centers
  • Tokyo - @Tokyo, CC2
  • Singapore - SGX
  • Hong Kong - HKEX
  • Shanghai - SHFE