McKay Levels the Playing Field on the NJ Equity Triangle

McKay Brothers Low Latency Private Bandwidth Service

  • McKay utilizes a high capacity wireless network between the three largest US equity exchanges
  • McKay has exclusive access to the 28GHz band, which eliminates signal interference
  • McKay network is less impacted by weather than E-band networks, enhancing reliability
  • Quincy Data offers the lowest latency market data in the native exchange format from NYSE, Nasdaq and Cboe

  •   McKay Brothers NJ Equity Triangle Network
  • 50 Mbps Point-to-Point Private Bandwidth
  • Lowest Known Latency Bandwidth Service
  • Mahwah - Secaucus (NY4, NY5)
  • Mahwah - Carteret (NY11)
  • Carteret (NY11) - Secaucus (NY4, NY5)

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    New Jersey Network

    The three largest US stock exchanges - NYSE, Nasdaq and Cboe – control the majority of the US equities trading. The trading engines of these exchanges - as well as many dark pools - are located in the New Jersey region bound by the geographic triangle of Mahwah, Carteret and Secaucus.

    Low Latency Private Bandwidth and Global Reach

    McKay Brothers is the acknowledged leader in providing low latency wireless networks for firms trading in financial markets.

    The fastest microwave bandwidth has been available as a service from McKay Brothers since 2012. Many of the world’s most sophisticated trading operations utilize the low latency wireless networks that McKay designs, engineers, builds and operates. McKay’s global footprint is unrivaled by any provider serving the electronic trading community. McKay opened long-haul networks in the US in 2012, Europe in 2014, and Asia in 2016. The company operates metro networks between key financial exchanges in Illinois, New Jersey and the UK.

    We consistently seek to lower network latency—straightening the path and optimizing the technology—while improving reliability. Most of our routes are the lowest known latency.

    We understand that not every firm has the same requirements for their low latency network. McKay Brothers offers multiple services to meet subscribers' unique latency and data delivery needs.

    Please contact us so that we can discuss the McKay service that best suits your firm’s needs.  

    Connectivity Maps

    McKay Brothers Long Haul and Metro Connectivity Map