Live at NY5: McKay Brothers and Quincy Data Expand Lowest Known Latency Footprint

June 2, 2015/ Oakland, CA / McKay Brothers and Quincy Data now offer the lowest known latency between key Illinois trading centers and the Secaucus-NY5 data center. One-way latency between Aurora and Secaucus-NY5 is 4.056 milliseconds. One-way latency between 350 E. Cermak and NY5 is 3.885 milliseconds. McKay offers the lowest known latency between Illinois and the eight major New Jersey trading centers.

“Secaucus-NY5 is now a critical part of the US equity and options trading infrastructure,” says McKay Brothers co-founder Stephane Tyc. “Traders value the extensive co-lo footprint we offer and we’re pleased to add microwave connectivity at NY5 to meet our subscribers’ needs.”

The Quincy Extreme Data service distributes select Illinois-sourced futures data in Secaucus-NY5 at the lowest known latency. The QED service distributes select market data from ten exchange sources at major trading centers in Illinois, New Jersey, the UK and Frankfurt. All latencies for the QED service are published at

About McKay Brothers, LLC
McKay Brothers is a private, independent specialty microwave telecommunications company dedicated to designing, engineering, building and operating best-in-class low latency networks connecting financial centers. In production since 2012, McKay’s microwave solutions between Illinois and New Jersey are the lowest known latency available and 40% faster than best-in-class fiber. McKay also offers industry leading millimeter wave service between Aurora and 350 E. Cermak in Illinois and among major colocation centers in New Jersey. McKay Brothers International, SA offers the lowest known latency microwave routes between the UK and Frankfurt as well as London Local millimeter wave routes.

About Quincy Data, LLC
Quincy Data is the leading microwave distributor of extremely low latency market data. Live since 2012, the Quincy Extreme Data service offers an integrated and normalized feed of select market data sourced from multiple financial exchanges in the US and Europe and is offered in exchange colocation centers in Illinois, New Jersey, the UK and Frankfurt. Quincy is dedicated to leveling the playing field for extreme low latency market data and being the data provider of choice among electronic trading desks of all sizes.