McKay Brothers Acquires Leading Wireless Radio Manufacturer EMClarity

McKay Brothers Acquires Leading Wireless Radio Manufacturer EMClarity

7 October, 2019 –Oakland CA, USA and Brisbane, Australia – McKay Brothers, LLC, a market leader in low-latency wireless networks for financial markets, announced today that it has acquired EM Clarity Pty Ltd, a leading vendor of high throughput, millimeter wave, point-to-point radio systems.

Brisbane, Australia-based EMClarity applies wide-ranging engineering experience to address complex telecommunications challenges. Since 2009, EMClarity has delivered innovative products to a global customer base. McKay will continue to support EMClarity’s efforts.

Bob Meade, McKay Co-founder said: “We’ve worked with EMClarity for several years. We know firsthand the value EMClarity’s engineering capabilities, and we look forward to working even more closely with one of our critical suppliers.”

Stephane Tyc, McKay Co-founder added: “McKay and EMClarity share a foundational value in working to help their clients succeed. We are excited to combine EMClarity’s track record of innovation and McKay’s rigorous approach to delivering great products.”

Peter Baines, EMClarity CEO said: “We are delighted to align with McKay Brothers and receive such support from a longstanding customer. McKay and EMClarity strive to push the boundaries of telecom performance and will continue to do so.”

EMClarity’s team will remain in Brisbane, Australia.



About McKay Brothers

McKay Brothers is the acknowledged leader in providing low latency wireless networks for firms trading in financial markets.  Many of the world’s most sophisticated trading operations utilize the low latency microwave networks that McKay designs, engineers, builds and operates. McKay’s global wireless footprint is unrivaled by any provider serving the electronic trading community. McKay opened long-haul microwave networks in the US in 2012, Europe in 2014, and Asia in 2016. The company operates metro networks between key financial exchanges in Illinois, New Jersey and the UK.  Learn more at:

About EMClarity

EMClarity designs and produces world leading millimeter wave radio links for global Telco, enterprise and defense applications.  The company continuously develops world-leading radio technology and led the design, development and manufacture of the world’s fastest, high-throughput, long-haul, ultra-low latency E-Band radios for financial trading network applications. Learn more at: