McKay Brothers announces new milestones in low latency networks

Quincy Data extends its latency advantage on market data delivery using McKay Brothers network OAKLAND, Calif., Feb. 5, 2013 /PRNewswire/ — McKay Brothers, LLC is pleased to announce the achievement of 8.27 millisecond round trip latency between Aurora, IL and Secaucus, NJ and 8.23 milliseconds round trip between Aurora and 165 Halsey St. in Newark. “I’m confident we had the lowest latency network before this upgrade,” says Bob Meade, co-founder of McKay Brothers, “but this significantly raises the bar for the competition.

McKay is also focused on reliability. “The network was down 1% of the time during trading hours in December and January“, said Meade, “so our clients had the fastest connection 99% of the time.” McKay is in the middle of a number of projects to improve the reliability of its network, one of which is the installation of new high performance ODU600 radios, provided by Aviat Networks. As a result of this upgrade, transmission power will increase by a factor of six on most of McKay’s microwave links. “It is an incredible technological achievement by Aviat“, said Meade, “imagine if you could upgrade your car to have six times as much horsepower. We believe these performance and reliability improvements, as well as the ongoing growth of our network to reach key exchange colocation sites, will greatly benefit all McKay Brothers customers.

Quincy Data, LLC, for example, utilizes McKay Brothers’ network to provide extremely low latency market data, and continues to leverage the growth of the network to add additional market data sources and distribution points. “The most advanced technology to deliver timely market data is available to everyone,” says Keith Pituley, head of client services at Quincy, “and at a reasonable price.

Together, McKay Brothers and Quincy Data focus on providing best-in-class technology and information to enable their customers to respond quickly and effectively to market events. “As neither company engages in its own trading or market-making activities,” adds Meade, “our customers’ success is first and foremost in everything we do.

About McKay Brothers, LLC
McKay Brothers is a specialty microwave telecommunications company: dedicated to engineering, building and operating best-in-class low latency networks between financial centers. McKay’s first long haul route – connecting Aurora, IL to Newark and Secaucus, NJ – has been in production with live customer trading since July 2012. It delivers to customers latencies substantially lower than best-in-class fiber optics. Network extensions, such as additional exchange colocation centers in NJ and Chicago, continue to be unveiled. Additional information is available at

About Quincy Data, LLC
Quincy Data is a provider of extremely low latency market data services, powered by the McKay Brothers Microwave Network. The Quincy Extreme Data (QED) Service sources data from multiple US financial exchanges and offers an integrated and normalized feed in multiple exchange colocation centers. Live since 4th quarter 2012 with CME Futures data, Quincy is dedicated to being the low-latency market data provider of choice among electronic trading desks large and small. Additional information is available at

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