McKay Brothers Offers the Fastest US Futures Market Data in Shanghai

Ultra-low latency services now provide exchange data from IL to Shanghai.

January 12, 2023- (Geneva, Tokyo) McKay Brothers International’s (MBI’s) Josada team has extended its lowest latency market data service into Shanghai. MBI’s QED service is the fastest way to receive select CME and ICE Futures market data, including: energy, metals, FX, agricultural/softs, and equities. The service can inform traders on local exchanges such as the Shanghai Futures Exchange (SHFE) and Shanghai Gold Exchange (SGE).

“We are excited to serve the large and growing electronic trading community in Shanghai – both local and international firms,” said Francois Tyc, MBI’s Managing Director. “All firms can benefit from both the lowest latency market data and also from our commitment to a level playing field, since any firm can purchase our premier services.”

McKay’s industry-leading Quincy Extreme Data (QED) platform is a normalized market data feed of select instruments from leading financial exchanges around the world. QED services are tailored to meet the needs of both: firms seeking the lowest latencies as well as firms whose value equation focuses on latency improvements over even the fastest fiber.

Further details of the QED symbol set offered in Shanghai are available here . McKay previously announced the availability of its lowest latency market data between Illinois and Tokyo, Hong Kong and Singapore.

About McKay Brothers International

McKay Brothers International, through its Quincy Data and Josada affiliates, is the acknowledged leader in providing low latency market data and wireless networks between financial markets. McKay companies distribute select market data sourced from major exchange groups in Europe, Asia and North America via the ultra-low latency QED market data service. McKay launched long-haul microwave networks in the US in 2012, Europe in 2014 and Asia in 2016. Many of the world’s most sophisticated trading operations utilize the low latency networks and market data from McKay. Learn more at: or


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