McKay Brothers Microwave Sets New Latency Record Between UK and Frankfurt

January 22, 2015/Geneva/ McKay Brothers microwave lowered latency to 4.192 milliseconds on its wireless route between Frankfurt and Basildon. Subscribers to McKay bandwidth services enjoy the lowest known latency between these cities.

“Our recipe for building the lowest latency network between European trading centers is the same as we used in the US,” says François Tyč, managing director of McKay Brothers International. “Our track record of leadership and constant improvement is unmatched.”

McKay Brothers recently debuted its microwave network between the UK and Frankfurt at the lowest known latency. The company expects to reduce latency further as well as expand its European network during the first quarter.

“We look forward to providing both private bandwidth and market data subscribers the lowest known latency,” says Tyč. “We will strip away latency until we reach the speed of light.”

McKay’s US microwave network has been live since 2012.  Its signature Illinois to New Jersey route and its Chicago and NJ metro routes deliver the lowest known latency.  MBI’s QED market data service sources financial market data from eleven exchanges globally and distributes select data in thirteen POPs in the US, UK and Germany.

About McKay Brothers International, SA

McKay Brothers International, SA is a provider of private bandwidth and a distributor of extremely low latency microwave market data. The McKay Brothers microwave service provides private wireless bandwidth. The QED market data service is an integrated and normalized feed of select market data sourced from multiple financial exchanges globally and is offered in exchange colocation centers around the world.